About Us



Creative Sculpture & Restoration, Inc. is a specialty company dedicated to preserving our cultural legacy through masonry restoration and preservation of monuments, historic buildings, sculpture and fountains. With each restoration project, we take great care to preserve the original stonework, expertly matching the texture and color of the original stonework.

Gary Keshner, owner and president of Creative Sculpture & Restoration, Inc., has been in the masonry restoration business for many years. Gary received his B.F.A. from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1977. He began Creative Sculpture & Restoration in 1983, specializing in preserving and restoring historical stonework. Over the past years, growth and knowledge of techniques, both old and new, and products, have allowed the company to grow and prosper. Gary and his employees are expertly trained and experienced with the latest masonry restoration systems, embracing and using environmentally safe masonry restoration preservation products.

Creative Sculpture & Restoration uses the Jahn Masonry Restoration System for restoration projects. Through experience, we have seen that the Jahn System has been successful in changing the poor performance record of masonry restoration in North America. One of the primary concerns on masonry projects is the compatibility of the restoration material to the substrate. Too often, inappropriate repair materials are chosen, including materials that contain or add latex or acrylic for the purpose of adhesion. Traditional composite patches, (“mason’s recipes”) are often inconsistent and may contain excessive amounts of cement. Incompatibility with the substrate can contribute to early failure of the repair and further deterioration.

There are many reasons why our company uses Cathedral Stone:

  • They do not contain any acrylic or latex bonding agents.
  • They are individually formulated to match the physical properties of the existing masonry.
  • They have performed for over twenty years with impeccable results.
  • They are not affected by freeze/thaw or salts.
  • Custom coloring is available.
  • Guaranteed long term restoration and maintenance.